Downtown Boone with holiday lights

Winter Wonderland of the Appalachians

Once a frontier town, Boone, North Carolina, has become a small-town paradise in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. It has the sights, sounds and culture to delight you, and it exhibits plenty of charm. You can visit Boone any time of year, but come winter, it’s full of holiday spirit and offers plenty of outdoor activities.

The city is more than the stage for Clemson Tigers games.

Bordering Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest, Clemson, South Carolina, sits between Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. It’s truly a hub of the Southern Appalachian region. The city’s beauty, history, sports, and friendly character have charmed visitors for over a century. But be warned: some of those visitors never returned home.

Simply Appalachian magazine celebrates “all things Appalachian” — which includes places to visit — throughout the southern Appalachian Mountains. Here is another in the series of destinations to see, share, savor, shop and stay.

Luray, Virginia


See, Share, Savor, Shop and Stay

Simply Appalachian is an online magazine that touts itself as “celebrating all things Appalachian.” So within its virtual pages, you can learn about places to visit throughout a seven state region of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Some cities and towns — as well as state parks, national forests and historical destinations — go out of their way to attract tourists. Such is the subject of this month’s See, Share, Savor, Shop and Stay location.

Lewisburg, West Virginia, is an unassuming little town stuck in time in the Greenbrier Valley of the Allegheny Mountains. Founded in 1782 by General Andrew Lewis (who fought in the Revolutionary War), Lewisburg today has been named one of the “coolest small towns in America.” Its charm lies in its obvious history and the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. You can expect to enjoy both when you visit.
Dahlonega, one of the first mining towns in the area, got its name from the Cherokee word tahlonega, meaning yellow or golden. And so it became Georgia’s own City of Gold. To this day, the town thrives on its past connection to the gold rush, as well as on the many natural wonders that surround the town. Hikers know Dahlonega as the closest hub to the end (or beginning) of the Appalachian Trail, which runs 2,180 miles north from Springer Mountain, about eight miles away.

Welcome to another in a Simply Appalachian series designed to help you plan a complete family trip. Each month, we choose an Appalachian destination ideal for family fun. We’ll feature the things to see, share and savor, as well as the nearby places to shop and stay with your family. We hope our guidance will help you find new, exciting and perhaps out-of-the-way places to try. Happy Trails!

Dollywood and Pigeon Forge

See, Share, Savor, Shop and Stay

Welcome to a new series at Simply Appalachian. Each month, we’ll choose a destination ideal for family fun. We hope that the guidance you find within each piece will help you plan an entire trip. Each month, we’ll feature a spot to see, share, savor, shop and stay with your family. Happy Trails!

Virginia Creeper Trail

An unforgettable stay at a premier destination When asked about “America’s Resort,” you may picture a luxurious, colonnaded resort with beautifully manicured grounds, a world-renowned spa, on-grounds entertainment, multiple golf courses, exceptional dining and a centuries-old history of serving travelers. However, you may not think that place would be in West Virginia.
The Irish were among the first settlers of Central Appalachia; celebrate their culture! Rock City — just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee — is a fun place to visit any time of the year. It features natural rock formations, gardens, a waterfall, animal shows, exhibits, and panoramic views from on top of Lookout Mountain.