Make this simple Appalachian winter afghan project

A quick and easy crochet project

My friend came to work dressed in the most beautiful shades of blue, gray and off-white recently. It reminded me of the Appalachian Mountains in winter. I was inspired!

A professional photographer’s advice for capturing your kids Kathy Beaver of Kathy Beaver Photography generously offers Simply Appalachian readers a number of tips for taking your own back-to-school photos of your children.
4th of July Decorations
Bunting has come a long way from its origins. Today, you’ll see bunting hanging from Southern Appalachian porches, town halls and city center gazebos on the Fourth of July. All summer long, buntings grace the tables at family reunion picnics and church bazaars. Bunting is especially popular at political rallies, but it’s even used by patriotic hawkers at car lots and flea markets. The term “bunting” refers to most any decorative flags or drapes that you can hang from porch railings, rooftops, windows, doors and decks. Today, bunting can be made of anything from fabric to plastic or cardboard. And while bunting typically is used to showcase patriotism, it can come in an assortment of colors and themes.
Surprise your dad or help him build it. Early Appalachian settlers were do-it-yourselfers before do-it-yourself became an American movement. Embrace the trend and give a handmade gift to your dad this Father’s Day. If you’ve got the tools, here’s a great project to house them: a toolbox that’s as functional as it is good-looking. The finished product, which is 24½ inches long by 14½ inches tall, holds all the tools your dad needs to make his next project.
Whether you’re planning to attend the Kentucky Derby on May 1 or the Blockhouse Steeplechase on May 2, you don’t have much time to get your hat ready. And don’t even think about attending either race without one. For women, it’s a major fashion faux pas, and for men, well, it’s just not done. The South still has certain traditions that should not be broken.
A craft project for that someone special… and you.

The art of darning, particularly popular with thick, woolen socks, has rapidly deteriorated over the centuries. Now that cheap, easily replaced socks are widely available, one doesn’t need to spend hours recreating the original curved toes of a sock or reinforcing the rapidly thinning swerve of a heel. Instead, we just go buy new ones when a hole appears.

Christmas in Central Appalachia means getting together with your loved ones. It’s a time to share the warmth of friendship, the blessings of family and the gratitude of receiving gifts. This article highlights one gift idea from 10 Central Appalachian states. Maybe you’ll find something to give… or keep!
A colorful winter wreath for your door
A colorful, handmade snowman wreath might be a perfect addition to your door or window during Christmastime!

A great fall project is an afghan. This tweed lap afghan is a good size for throwing on a bed or snuggling with on the sofa. This pattern is made using 2 strands of yarn which produces the tweed pattern. It gives the appearance of a cover and not an afghan.