November 2014

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Bittersweet is a woody vine that produces berries in a yellow casing that open up to reveal red berries in the fall.
These days, it is common to see galvanized tubs as decorations in flower gardens but not too long ago these were recognized as luxurious bath tubs.

A great fall project is an afghan. This tweed lap afghan is a good size for throwing on a bed or snuggling with on the sofa. This pattern is made using 2 strands of yarn which produces the tweed pattern. It gives the appearance of a cover and not an afghan.

If you drive or walk through the Appalachian Mountains, you are sure to cross paths with wild turkeys most any time of year. They are more afraid of you than you may be of them — and they have good reason to be afraid, especially during the spring hunting time that extends from mid-April to mid-May, when hunters can bag up to two of the bearded male birds in the season.

Good Eats

As winter approaches, visions of brightly blooming gardens run through the optimistic minds of many naturalists. While those blasts of color that appear in spring are still many dark months away, it’s during the cool evenings of fall and winter when gardeners dream of the glorious blooms they expect to see after planting bulbs.

If you would like to try a lighter verision of traditional pumpkin pie, this is pie is for you! Yumpkin Pie gives you all the pumpkin flavor only with a fluffier texture. Perfect when you are already full from Thanksgiving dinner but can not do without dessert.

You have options with the crust. Traditional flour crust is always good but it seems that the pecan crust option really makes the pumpkin flavor pop. Continue reading for the ingredients and directions for making Yumpkin Pie.

Asheville, North Carolina, has developed a reputation not only as a foodie haven, but also as a place where the entire food community — from farmer to chef, miller to baker and rancher to butcher — supports one another. This tightly knit community so impressed cookbook author Debby Maughans when she moved to Asheville that she felt compelled to assemble another cookbook.

Waste Not, Want Not

An interview with Zac Guy, founder and owner of Appalachian Antique Hardwoods

When you pass near Waynesville and Canton in the Western North Carolina mountains, you’ll smell the unmistakable odor of the paper mill, but go further and the bouquet of fresh-cut wood will greet you. That’s because the area is home to the largest reclaimed wood products company in the world.

Claim a little piece of the Trail for yourself

The Appalachian Trail stretches from Mount Katahdin, Maine, in the north to Springer Mountain, Georgia, in the south. Along the way, the Trail passes through fourteen states. Its 2,186 miles makes it the longest marked trail in the world, and it has drawn thousands of hard-core hikers throughout the world seeking to hike its entire length in one go. Only 25 percent of them actually finish.