February 2015

These Georgia restaurants deliver authentic tastes.
Today, families continue the tradition of Family Game Night, but with a whole new array of choices to entertain and to teach. Some of the activities are inspired by the past while others are brand new. All involve the whole family. Perhaps some of these will inspire you to start your own family tradition.
As soon as the dirt is loose enough to work, about six weeks before you expect a final frost in your Appalachian garden, you can get your garden started by planting early, hearty green vegetables.
When the weather turns cold and icicles form over your front porch, you may recognize the magic of winter. The light reflecting off the glittering natural illusion causes you to smile in wonder as it piques your curiosity. Wrap up warm and take a little trip to a frozen cascade of falling water where you can witness one of the true, often unknown treasures of winter in the mountains — frozen waterfalls.
The best of both worlds
A craft project for that someone special… and you.
Find your nearest opportunity for snow tubing in the Southern Appalachians

A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal. (Proverbs 12:10)

Animals have been part of Appalachian households since the very early settlers populated the mountain terrain. Mules helped clear the wooded land and plow the meager fields. Horses carried their owners from place to place. Cattle, goats and sheep clothed and fed generations. And let’s not forget the chickens.

An Appalachian dulcimer-maker carries on the traditions.

The dulcimer has long been considered an Appalachian instrument. The mountain dulcimer — also called the Kentucky dulcimer, Appalachian dulcimer and lap dulcimer — basically is a fretted zither, consisting of a narrow fingerboard with strings attached to a slightly larger sound box. Although traces of the dulcimer date back to the crafts movement in the 1800s, it’s only been since the 1940s that the dulcimer has captured the heart and soul of Appalachian musicians.

Take your partner to the healing waters