December 2014

The Omni Homestead Inn in Hot Springs, Virginia, has received plenty of accolades. From Conde Nast and USA Today to Forbes, Golf Week and Travel + Leisure, the Appalachian resort is noted as one of the best places to stay, work and vacation in the region. A quick tour of the place illustrates why.
When the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts in late December 1620, one of the first things they saw reminded them of home — the American holly tree.
All tree farms are not alike!
Christmas in Central Appalachia means getting together with your loved ones. It’s a time to share the warmth of friendship, the blessings of family and the gratitude of receiving gifts. This article highlights one gift idea from 10 Central Appalachian states. Maybe you’ll find something to give… or keep!
Take Holiday Guests to Brunch When guests come to visit and sleep late, it’s nice to have a favorite spot to bring them for breakfast, no matter how late it’s become.
A colorful winter wreath for your door
A colorful, handmade snowman wreath might be a perfect addition to your door or window during Christmastime!
A new winter tradition looks like it is there to stay in Tennessee!
Although Illinois now claims Mary Todd Lincoln as a daughter with a flair for cooking delicious desserts, Mary’s cooking skills hail back to her origins in Appalachia — Lexington, Kentucky to be precise. Mary actually brought her knowledge of Southern home-cooking and gracious hospitality with her to the Illinois governor’s mansion and finally to Washington, where she served as first lady.
No other wild animal in the Appalachians is as recognizable as the white-tail deer. Whether a mature buck with splendid antlers, a graceful doe, or a spotted fawn running with it's mother, the white-tail deer is one of the most popular animals.

Although you may have visited the Arboretum in Spring, Summer and Autumn, you have never seen the Arboretum like you will during this Christmas season!