April 2015

For the right couples, this is the ultimate experience

Weddings today are family affairs. The bride’s family meets the groom’s family, with a few assorted friends of both sprinkled into the mix. They can be big or small, indoors or outdoors, catered or pot luck, but they always celebrate the joining of two people.

Hat trends from past to present

Hats are hot! What may serve as a must-have cover-up to keep your face shaded from the damaging UV rays of the sun actually may be one of the hottest trends for Southern women in 2015. Big brims, low-hanging bucket hats and hats in outrageous new shapes and sizes were all the rage on the fashion-forward runways this year.

She’s a mother and nature advocate, too. In 2011, Jennifer Pharr Davis became the fastest person (man or woman) to through-hike the Appalachian Trail (AT). By averaging 47 miles a day — which, at three miles an hour, is more than 15 hours a day — she completed the 2,180-mile journey in 46 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes. For that accomplishment, she was named a 2012 National Geographic Top Adventurer of the Year, one of 10 to be so named worldwide.
Rainbows, browns and brookies… oh my! Mountain areas are typically great for fishing — not necessarily because of the fish, but because of the diversity. The Blue Ridge Highlands of Southwestern Virginia (fishblueridge.com) is such a place.