April 2015

From mines to “Mule Day” Mules are domesticated hybrid animals, the product of a male donkey and a female horse. Used as pack animals and draft animals, mules are infertile but strong. They are more durable and require less food than a similarly sized horse or donkey. In some respects, a mule is the superior animal for working.
The most common deviled eggs that you find at most Southern Appalachian picnic tables is the classic, best portrayed by Betty Crocker, a source many Southern cooks still use today.
How to get the most from them It’s the time of year to bring out the flowers. Whether you plan to display fresh-cut flowers in your home or office or regal your garden with a blooming array of color, professional florists at the flower markets throughout the Appalachians are ready to give you a hand.
Whether you’re planning to attend the Kentucky Derby on May 1 or the Blockhouse Steeplechase on May 2, you don’t have much time to get your hat ready. And don’t even think about attending either race without one. For women, it’s a major fashion faux pas, and for men, well, it’s just not done. The South still has certain traditions that should not be broken.
Just try to pick one! Kentucky might be most famous for three things: Daniel Boone, the Kentucky Derby and bourbon. We set out to find the best Kentucky bourbon restaurant in the state. Guess what? We couldn’t! There are simply too many high-quality establishments to choose one over the other.
An unforgettable stay at a premier destination When asked about “America’s Resort,” you may picture a luxurious, colonnaded resort with beautifully manicured grounds, a world-renowned spa, on-grounds entertainment, multiple golf courses, exceptional dining and a centuries-old history of serving travelers. However, you may not think that place would be in West Virginia.
A brief history of Gospel singing in Tennessee Southern Gospel music typically refers to the tunes that white Christians developed around the turn of the century. Growing in popularity beside the black Gospel music that urban dwellers created, Southern Gospel came into its own thanks to a pioneer in the genre, Tennessee-born James D. Vaughan.
A boon and a bane both Madison County, North Carolina, sits in the northwest corner of the state. Its northern borders trace across the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with Tennessee on the other side. It’s a rural area, for the most part, as Marshall and Mars Hill are its biggest towns. But Madison County is famous for its ginseng.
Deviled eggs made into a Southern tradition Rarely will you encounter a Southern Appalachian family reunion, potluck, church function or family-style meal that doesn’t include deviled eggs. Alongside cornbread, pea salad and fried chicken, a plate of deviled eggs would be conspicuous in its absence. The dish is simple: freshly cut and seasoned hard-boiled eggs with yolks mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper and paprika, although it can contain any number of surprising ingredients.
Blockhouse Steeplechase in Tryon Ladies and gentlemen, grab your hats and get out your wallets. Tickets went on sale February 15 for the 69th Block House Steeplechase. The event, to be held on May 2, 2015, is a highly anticipated tradition every year as horse lovers, party-lovers and generally fanatical outdoor enthusiasts who love to dress up gather in the North Carolina Foothills for a big horse race.