Excellent Read!

May 11, 2015 posted by Becky Rogers

I recently stumbled upon a book called The Language of Flowers that has now planted itself on my list of summer reads. It is a story about a girl who spent her whole life running from love and what it would take to make her believe that she could grow into something beautiful. Through the language of flowers she became a person she didn't believe she could be.

In The Language of Flowers there is a dictionary of flowers and their meanings called Victoria's Dictionary of Flowers. This dictionary was compiled by Vanessa Diffenbaugh after studying many flower dictionaries including The Flower Vase by Miss S.C. Edgerton, Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway, The Language and Sentiment of Flowers by James D. McCabe and Floras Lexicon by Catharine H. Waterman.

So many of these flowers are also found in the Appalachians.... so I wanted to share!

Here are a few that might stand out in your mind:

Trillium - modest beauty
Lady Slipper - capricious beauty
Columbine - dessertion
Black Eyed Susan - justice
Aster - patience
Violet - modest worth
Periwinkle - tender recollection
Daisy - innocence
Anemone - forsaken
Goldenrod - careful encouragement
Honeysuckle - devotion