The Brazen Head

March 10, 2015 posted by Becky Rogers

Last summer some family, friends and I had the oppurtunity to visit Ireland. Along with being beautiful, my visit was surreal. Ireland felt familiar and much like our home here in the Appalachians. The landscape was lush and green and reminded me of our mountains with the exception of the many trees and forests we have here.

One of the most memorable places we visited in Dublin was The Brazen Head. It is acclaimed to be the oldest restaurant and pub in Ireland. It did have the appearance of a very old building. It was dark,had small rooms, and many old decorations that bespoke Irish tradition. The menu also had traditional Irish foods. There was traditional Irish Stew with chunks of lamb, carrots, leek, onion, celery, and creamy mashed pototaes. There was also Irish beef medallions with mashed potatoes and vegetables and an extra seriving of shoe cooked potatoes. Reminds me of a staple (potatoes) that most Appalachians keep in their cupboards.

The employees were great! They were kind to answer our questions and share points of interest such as The Hen Party. The Hen Party was one of the parties that take place daily in the pub. During our visit a group of ladies with pink sashes and gift bags were showering the bride to be with gifts. The staff pointed out also that men often had parties there as well called Stag parties. Here are a few photos to share.