TJ's Model Trains

December 04, 2014 posted by Becky Rogers

Terry "TJ" Johnson is a man who is passionate about his toy trains! He collects trains, tracks, magazines, railroad antiques, railway videos and most anything that has to do with the subject. TJ loves to visit real life train stations and collaborate with fellow collectors in his spare time. He also buys and sells trains and their accessories. Even down to the lights that the train workers used to carry!

Each Christmas in TJ’s home, centered around the Christmas tree, is a train set. It is complete with a miniature town with all the details you would expect of an expert train collector. This year I was invited over to see his set up. With the nostalgia of childhood excitement filling the room, my eyes lit up in amazement at all he had created. Along with the trains, there was an entire town filled with buildings like the Train stop, McDonalds, a car repair shop (complete with an appropriate guard dog), movie theater, diner, and more. The trains light up, sound their horns, and even blow smoke. TJ plays the part of a life sized conductor by wearing his conductor overhaul and hat during the visit. He even has a train video playing while you take it all in.

It was a delight to get to visit TJ’s home and special Christmas tree and see someone who really stays true to his passion every day. May his passion always lead him to the tracks.