Field of Greens

October 20, 2014 posted by Becky Rogers

Picking greens in the Spring brings back special memories of my Grandmother.  She would take me out in early March and we would look for wild creasy greens.

Today, I plant a variety of greens to harvest in March to use in my meals.  They are fun to pick, tasty to eat, and good for your health!

Here are a few types of greens that I enjoy.  My favorite is baby spinach but I like to have different types.

Right now is great time to get some seeds and start your very own "Field of Greens".  In my experience a little tender love and care can go a looong way when it comes to producing a good crop.  Here are some tips that might help you if this is your first time planting!


5 Steps to Successful Greens:

1.  Prepare your ground well.

      a.  Plow up the size area you need.

      b.  Rake the dirt to smooth out the clumps.

2.  When planting your seeds:

      a.  Follow instructions on your pack of seeds, or

      b.  Mix your seeds with flour or meal and shake the mixture with a sifter to get them even.

3.  Cover the seeds lightly

4.  Water gently with a sprinkler

5.   Wait till plants are up a few inches and thin the plants if necessary so that they have room to grow.


Within a few weeks you will be going out to your field of greens (small or large) and picking a "mess" for dinner.  Enjoy!