Sharp As Ever

Published on February 17, 2015
Written by Becky Rogers

As needlepoint regains popularity throughout the United States, longtime crafters look to passionate experts to guide their development. And there’s none better to serve in that role than Beth Lebhar, owner and proprietor of Beth’s Needlepoint Nook. Beth has been needlepointing for a very long time, citing a serious commitment of “about 25 years.”

Her store, located in Louisville, Kentucky, has become the hub of the needlepoint craft in the Appalachian South over the past 10 years, and business is steadily growing. Beth quips with gratitude about the transition from being a “solopreneur” — doing everything herself — to running a shop with three employees, all “beautiful stitchers” who contribute their own distinctive style.

Although Beth is a respected businesswoman who runs a successful store, she is genuinely happy for each and every person visiting her shop, whether or not they buy anything. Beth’s “work” is also her joy. She clearly loves doing what she does, and she shares that passion every day.

Beth’s Needlepoint Nook

Located just on the cusp of downtown Louisville on Shelbyville Road in the Blue Ridge Manor area, Beth’s Needlepoint Nook strives to be a one-stop shop for needlepoint enthusiasts. As she says, “We try to have it all!” Her store is listed on the website of The National Needlearts Association, and is rated an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

While Beth’s main love is needlepointing, she recognizes the need for diversification, so she’s taken on the mission of supplying fellow needlepointers with everything that they might need for their craft. The shop now provides canvasses, canvas stretchers, unconventional canvasses, a wide variety of thread, needles, instructional books and DVDs, frames and much more.

A Hub of Needlepointing

One of the most impressive aspects of Beth’s shop is the breadth of services she offers. In fact, calling it a “shop” just doesn’t seem to capture the essence of her enterprise. In 2011, Beth initiated what she calls the “cash for your stash” program, which helps clients sell their pieces or their needlepointing supplies.

Beth’s Needlepoint Nook also functions as a liaison between needlepointers and the services they need. For example, Beth is enthusiastic about getting her clients in touch with the finishers that she knows and recommends as much for their skills as their customized work. Completed needlepoint projects are “finished” when they are applied to an object, such as a pillow or stuffed animal.

The store hosts regular trunk shows that allow people in the crafts community to connect. Customers who visit the store’s extensive website (at can access a huge database of needlepoint designers. Far from being competitive, Beth’s attitude towards her industry reveals a deep respect for her community and her craft that transcends personal gain.

With her ambitious business, her warm friendliness, and her obvious love of needlepoint, Beth Lebhar will continue to be a pillar of the needlepoint community for years to come. So the next time you’re in Louisville, stop by Beth’s Needlepoint Nook; she will probably be there.