Appalachia Adventures: Take part in a Southern tradition

Published on February 28, 2015
Written by Ray Access

If you have ever wanted to hunt quail, grouse, deer, wild boar or even black bear, find your way to the mountains of eastern Tennessee. If you’re an experienced hunter looking for new challenges, Appalachia Adventures is for you.

Appalachia Adventures offers pure hunting expeditions, with little to no fluff. The company provides an experienced Cherokee guide to facilitate an old-fashioned, traditional hunt for you and your group. Everyone from amateurs to veterans can hunt small and large game in a natural, unaltered habitat. Although you can choose from a range of expedition options, all hunts involve at least a full day.

Hands On/Hands Off

While giving you the maximum amount of autonomy to hunt the way you want, Appalachia Adventures respects wildlife and takes all state regulations seriously. The company follows a seasonal hunting calendar and allows only acceptable techniques. No animals are penned for a hunt. This is free-range, fair-chase hunting. The company does not offer any guarantees. You have to earn your kills.

Hunting expeditions take place primarily on leased private property (with specific consent), although some venture into public property as well. Hunting is a well-regulated activity. You must have a proper hunting license.

Hunting in eastern Tennessee is divided into a number of designated zones, each of which has a different set of regulations. For example, bear hunting is limited to hunt zones, and it is prohibited in “bear reserve” zones to protect the wild species. All hunts are subject to applicable bag limits.

Hunt Your Way

Appalachia Adventures never books your hunting expedition on the same land as another party, so you can avoid conflicts and confusion. You basically can hunt according to your own style in your designated area. Video recording and photography is allowed on every hunt. Your experience can be as structured or as wild as you’d like.

There is no maximum group size, and you can set up a guided hunt that is especially geared towards family and teaching those with less experience. Youths are welcomed and encouraged to come along, as long as adequate arrangements are made for safety. Accommodations range from very primitive camping up to cabin rentals and even nearby motels.

Hunting Services

Appalachia Adventures is a small-scale Cherokee guide service, not a huge outfitter or hunting equipment enterprise. They are happy to make recommendations, however, on gear and where to get it. Furthermore, the company does not provide you with certain amenities such as hunting licenses, food or tree stands.

Your Cherokee guide has many years experience, though, so you can ask him for advice on hunting and regulations. He also can help you field dress your kill and transport it out of the wilderness. He even can refer you to meat processing and taxidermy services in the area for your convenience.

Appalachia Adventures is a family enterprise that treasures the hunting tradition of Eastern Tennessee. The company emulates Davy Crockett and his experience hunting black bears in the same region in the fall of 1825. They strike a rare balance between tradition and liberty, setting the stage for you to hunt as you please while retaining a sense of dignity and respect for the sport and the environment. Fishing and camping excursions are also available.