How to Make Heart Pillows

Published on January 30, 2015
Written by Ray Access

A lovely dinner is over when the check comes. A luscious box of chocolates may disappear within a week. But heart-shaped pillows will always be there to remind you of your love for each other. This Valentine’s Day, do it yourself with these easy-to-make pillows to fill your home with love. Right before the holiday, hide them throughout your home, so they will pop up in bed, on the sofa, in the spice rack, next to the bathroom sink, …


You can make these pillows any size, up to full size. We recommend smaller pillows, so you can place them anywhere. These directions make two half-size pillows.

  • 2 fat quarters of 44-inch-wide fabric (they can be different!)
  • 1 fat quarter of 44-inch-wide cotton muslin
  • 1 fat quarter of 44-inch-wide lightweight batting
  • One small bag of good quality polyester fiberfill
  • Thread to match fabric

How To

Download pattern sheets for the heart top and heart bottom, thanks to Resize to 50% and print both.

Cut out the pattern pieces along the solid lines and tape them together as shown.

From each fat quarter of fabric, cut four 6½-inch high x 8-inch wide rectangles.

From the muslin and batting, cut four 6½-inch high x 8-inch wide rectangles each.

Fold each fabric rectangle in half by width, pin the pattern along the folded edge and cut. Repeat for each muslin and batting rectangle.

Layer one fabric heart, right side down, a batting heart and a muslin heart. Pin and sew together with a ¼-inch seam allowance. Repeat to create three more layered hearts.

Layer two hearts, right sides together, and pin them securely.

Sew them together, using a ½-inch seam allowance, leaving a 4-inch opening along one edge (not the very top or bottom). Repeat with the other two hearts. Trim the outer seam allowance to ¼-inch for each heart, except at the opening.

Turn each pillow right side out through the opening. Then iron each pillow cover flat, pressing in the raw edges at the opening to be flush with the sewn seam.

Stuff each pillow full to desired plumpness with the polyester fiberfill. Then hand-sew the opening of each pillow, using small slip stitches. Optional: add a chiffon sash diagonally across the pillow.

Repeat as desired to make as many heart pillows as you want. Vary the sizes and the fabric, and then hide them everywhere!