Snowman Wreath

Published on December 08, 2014
Written by Becky Rogers

A colorful, handmade snowman wreath might be a perfect addition to your door or window during Christmastime. It can also linger on your door through January to brighten up the cold winter days. This snowman wreath will delight all your hoilday visitors and will even make Frosty smile.


You can buy these supplies at your local craft stores.

  • Wire wreath form 15-24 inches wide
  • Deco mesh (Christmas red)
  • Cordinating ribbon (lime green polka dot with black stripes)
  • 20 Matching pipe cleaners
  • Craft tubing (lime green)
  • Embellishments such as ornaments
  • Centerpiece snowman head with a top hat
  • Floral wire

How To:

If your wreath form doesn't come with pipe cleaners attached, you need to attach your pipe cleaner with a twist. There should be two pipe cleaners per section of wires on the wire form. One attached to the inner circle and one to the outer circle. Now it is ready for the deco mesh.

Lay your wreath form on a flat surface. Unwrap some of the deco mesh ribbon, take the end and secure it in place with one of the pipe cleaners. Bunch up a portion of the deco mesh and secure it in the next section of wire with one of the pipe cleaners. (You will be working the inside pipe cleaners on the first round.)

Once you have completed attaching deco to the entire inner wire and returned back to the starting point, you can begin working on the outer wire circle. Bunch and secure deco mesh all around to the starting point.

Next, cut 10 inch pieces of ribbon and seure them with floral wire into each section. Also work the craft tubing in and out of the of your bunchings to add variety to the wreath. You are ready to add embellishments with floral wires. You may have to stand back and look at your work to make sure you are happy with the positioning of all the embellishments and ribbon.

Lastly, using floral wire, secure the center piece.

Well done! Your snowman wreath is ready to hang on your window or door!