Scuba Diving in the Appalachians

Published on September 26, 2014
Written by Becky Rogers

Typical sports that you consider of when you think of the mountains may include: hiking, mountain biking and white water rafting. But scuba diving? No, really. Although the Appalachian Mountains are miles from any deep seas, there is one place in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountain range where you can learn the sport and even enjoy a day of scuba diving.

Surprises Beneath a South Carolina Lake

Lake Jocassee is a quiet, clean and crystal clear body of water with updated facilities and boat ramps. It has a nice beach with canoes and picnic tables. It is beautiful and inviting.

And lo and behold, there’s a dive shop situated on its shoreline! Stop at the Lake Jocassee Dive Shop and turn your skepticism into curiosity as you discover some really cool facts about the area. The lake, you see, holds a treasure.

The Lake Jocassee Dam was built in 1973 to create Lake Jocassee. The lake actually covers an abandoned town site and valley. The dam was created to power a generator to turn turbines and make electricity for surrounding areas while also supplying nearby residents with a recreational area.

The lake is fed by cool, crystal mountain waters that make it a great place to see the town below the surface. On dives, you can see old buildings, cemeteries, and lots of fish. And you can rest assured; there have never been any reports of dead bodies floating from the cemeteries.

Dive Year Round

The dive shop has the suits, gear, boats, and knowledge to take you and your friends on an adventure you’ll be talking about for a long time. Charters take divers into the waters all year round, every Saturday and Sunday. You can even catch a night tour of the gravesite on Halloween, even though it falls on a Friday this year.

Take classes at the dive shop and get certified, learn underwater photography or how to become a rescue diver. In addition to the Lake Jocassee dives, join the team on dives in Lake Keowee and in the Cooper River in Charleston.

An Appalachian scuba trip will be one for the books!