Brown Sugar Black Walnut Cake

I love sharing time with my mom, Nancy Suddreth, who is 72. Recently, while we were puttering around the kitchen, she let slip this whopper: “Did you know that black walnuts cost ten dollars a pound?”

Finding Sheds

I’m talking about deer sheds, not tool sheds.

Appalachian Winter Afghan

A quick and easy crochet project

My friend came to work dressed in the most beautiful shades of blue, gray and off-white recently. It reminded me of the Appalachian Mountains in winter. I was inspired!

The Wood Cook Stove

And how to appreciate modern-day appliances

Ask your Appalachian-born-and-bred grandparents: “Before you had electricity, how did you cook your food?”

Their answer undoubtedly will be “Why, on the cook stove, of course.”